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How to Remove and Unclog Epson WP-4540 Print Head Nozzles

Today we are going to remove the printhead from an Epson WP-4540 for a deep cleaning. This printer has been sitting in storage for years. After few head cleanings, the magenta and black were still clogged. We tried to wet the printhead with cleaning liquid, but the clog persists. So we decided to take the printhead out for a deep cleaning. Warning, this procedure should be done by professionals. Do not try this at home.


  1. Disconnect Power.  When you open the cartridge door, the printer will raise a white lock to prevent the cartridge from moving freely. Therefore, you need to disconnect the power before the lock is in place.  Open the door and disconnect the power immediately. Make sure the cartridge assembly can move freely.
  2. Remove top panel.  Find a hole near the white knob on the left corner, press in with your finger and pop up the top cover. Do the same to the right side.  On the front, you have three screws to be removed. You have two wires: a black ground wire and a red/black door trigger wire. Also, there is an electronic ribbon to be disconnected. Take a picture, so you can remember how to put them back.
  3. Remove screws from the back of the printer.  Turn to the back of the printer, remove two top screws.  Remove two screws from top and bottom of the back wire plate.
  4. Remove wires from the back of the printer.  Take a picture of the wire bundles, so you can remember the sequence. Also make a checklist: from the top to bottom, pull out 4 white/gray, 3 grays, 3 black, 2 red and black wire bundles, then unscrew 1 black ground wire.
  5. Remove the back plate.  Now the top unit can be separated from the rest of the printer. Turn to the back of the printer and remove the four screws holding the box cover.
  6. Remove cartridge door and box cover.  Turn to the front, remove two screws on the front cartridge box and one screw at top right. Then remove the cartridge door.  Remove these two screws still holding the box cover and then you can remove the box.
  7. Remove two screws holding ink tubes and 4 electronic ribbons
  8. Remove four more screws and we can take the printhead out.




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