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Universal Dye Ink Base Solution - Clear Transparent - Use in DYE printer ink cartridges

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BCH Ink Base Solution for Pigment Ink


  • BCH Clear Ink Base is in retail bottles.  No colorant added.

  • It’s compatible with Dye Ink.  And works with all desktop printers.

  • Use it to unclog dried ink on printheads.  More natural and less intrusive than water or a cleaning solution.

  • Rejuvenate old inks and restore chemical formulation, even restore expired inks.

  • Use it to create unique art prints, such as accurate black and white photos with smooth grayscale transitions.


Ink consists of two parts:

(1) Carrier fluid (ink base) keeps ink in a liquid state.  

(2) Colorant adds color to the ink.


BCH Clear Ink Base Solution is a carrier fluid which has all the exact chemical ingredients present in inks.  These chemical additives control dot grain, drop formation, pH level, printhead corrosion prevention, fade resistance, and color brilliance.  This ink base is "ink without color."


An ink base can be used in many ways.  For example:

(1) Unclog Dried Ink from Printhead.  The "Golden Rule" of inkjet printing says "when any inkjet ink dries by evaporation, the dried ink must be able to be re-dissolved by the liquid form of the same ink."*  Because BCH ink base is a liquid solution of the ink, the ink base has more natural dissolving ability than water. Furthermore, the ink base has a printhead corrosion-control ingredient and is less intrusive than cleaning solution.


(2) Dilute Ink to Create Special Effects.  The ink base can be used to create unique printing effects.  For instance, a photo professional wants to make black and white photo prints with smooth grayscale transitions.  He or she can fill the color (CMY) cartridges with 30% diluted black ink. To dilute black ink, we cannot just add water because water will change the chemical composition of the ink.  Also, we cannot merely use gray ink because gray and black are different colors. The best way to do this is to use a transparent ink base.

(3) Rejuvenate Old Ink.  Ink will evaporate over time, and thus lose the additives that control its chemical function.  Adding some clear ink base will rejuvenate the ink and make old ink usable.


* Tony Martin 2004.  Debunking the Myths of Digital Ink.  In Digital Photo Techniques, March/April 2004.  Page 49-54


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