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Providing printing needs to small business & home office

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Kevin William Day
Founder of BCH


My name is Kevin and my company provides printing solutions. Years ago, as a graduate student at University of Illinois, I would refill my old HP printer myself. I had not purchased a new cartridge in 10 years. Later, partnered with a chemist from a Fortune 500 company, I started selling compatible inks to friends and family. My first order was delivered in a soda bottle! As we grew in popularity, this hobby became a full-fledged business. I quit my job as an IT consultant and made our brand a registered trademark.

Why Refill?

Ounce by ounce, original HP ink ranks more costly than human blood! Fortunately, refill technology has advanced tremendously over the years. Ink technology is no longer monopolized by big companies. We can make inks as good as OEM inks which make refilled cartridges printing laser sharp documents and vivid color pictures.

With a refill kit, our customer can refill their cartridge at home. A more technical savvy customer can spend less than 30 minutes installing a permanent cartridge and never have it refilled. Ink is supplied from external tanks continuously; this technology is known as CIS – Continuous Ink Supply System.

Compare Ink Across Brands

No more trips to the store, which saves time and money but also saves wasted cartridges from polluting the environment.

Our inks are designed in the USA, bottled in China and Hong Kong and shipped worldwide. We also carry ink delivery devices such as CIS (Continuous Ink System) and refillable cartridges.

Why Choose BCH Technologies?

A picture is worth 1,000 words. We take this picture

and printed it very small. So small that we need a microscope to check the result:

Under microscope, BCH ink outperforms Epson & HP

Our business is dedicated to helping home offices and small businesses with their printing needs. There are other 3rd party ink companies. We feel that we excel in these areas:

1) Our trusted brand delivers consistent results. Our BCH brand is a registered trademark with USPTO. The facility is ISO9001 certified and we have a very strict quality control. Each time you buy from us, you will get exactly the same result.

2) We travel around the world and talk to all of our suppliers to achieve the greatest value. We will not sacrifice value for price. Value achieves satisfaction and we want our customers satisfied.

Why North Carolina?

Simply put, North Carolina is the ideal place to grow a business. Our office is about 3 miles from runways of national distribution centers of UPS, FedEx and DHL. We ship our products FAST! We are blessed with quality local employees - hard-working, honest and skillful.

To meet global needs, we opened a sales branch in Canada in 2013 and plan to open a branch in Japan in 2014 and China in 2015. However, our main operation remains in North Carolina.

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To all of you, from all of us at BCH Technologies - Thank you and Happy Printing!

Kevin William Day
President of BCH Technologies

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